Torquemeters’ standard and custom range of phase shift Torquetronic torquemeters are the industry standard for high speed torquemeter applications.

The proven accuracy and reliability of the Torquetronicâ„¢ product line has resulted in almost the exclusive use by the major Turboshaft engine manufactures, GE, PW, RR, Honeywell, Turbomeca, and their customers, military and civil, for the development, production and overhaul testing of engines on fixed test stands, for example the T700, Makila, RTM322, PT6, GE 38 etc.



Their experienced engineering team and precision manufacturing facility allows them to routinely design and manufacture system solutions for custom applications which also includes the design and supply of high speed couplings necessary to couple the torquemeter to the driving and driven machines.

Torquemeters have been accredited to IS0 9001 for design and manufacture since 1993.


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