Our Torquetronic Continuous Duty Torque measurement system is the recognised industry standard for accurate power measurement of turbo machinery in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

First introduced in 1974 we have over 900 installations globally, accumulating in over 50 million operating hours, across multiple applications delivering unrivalled reliability.

Up Stream:

  • Oil & Gas fields
  • Offshore production platforms
  • Re injection (Water & Gas)

Mid Stream:

  • Transportation & Storage
  • Pipeline transmission (Gas & Oil)
  • LNG
  • Gas to Liquids (GTL)

Down Stream:

  • Oil Refinery
  • Petrochemical plants / ethylene / Methanol
  • Fertilisers

Why Operators measure power:

  • Public & Environmental pressures (Nox) in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries are driving demand to increase efficiency of operation and increase “availability” of equipment to maximise return on investment
  • Operators need to efficiently identify performance deterioration & define optimum operating range for plant operation
  • Condition based maintenance programs are replacing maintenance based on operating hours, i.e. 25000 hrs
  • Torque measurement can be a key component in improving performance

Typical torque measurement applications:

  • Works test – base-line performance definition
  • Commissioning & Acceptance testing
  • Define compressor operating envelope
  • Machinery performance monitoring
  • Condition monitoring strategy
  • Re-vamp testing ~ example, re-wheeled compressor test
  • Mechanical protection
  • Process control
  • A combination of some of the above

Benefits of torque measurement versus Thermodynamic calculation

  • Allows correlation between Shop and Field tests for machinery acceptance
  • Provides data for the development of “condition based” maintenance strategies
  • Provides data to improve efficiency, which will reduce fuel costs and NOX emissions
  • Provides data to prevent “under nomination” of the high value capital plant used in gas transmission
  • Provides baseline data for long term health monitoring of critical equipment


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