New generation delivering increased performance. The 800 family of products offers a flexible display and data acquisition platform for all Torquetronic™ measurement system.

810 Signal Processor
The 810 signal processor is the heart of the 800 family. It accurately measures and analyses the Torquetronic™ signals at a sample rate of 10kHz.

The 810 LCD displays Power, Speed, Torque and Temperature. The measurements are also available as four analog outputs or digitally via MODBUS protocol over Ethernet, RS485 or USB.

816 Hazardous Area Field Mount Signal Processor
The 816 packages the 810 signal processor in an Exe industrial stainless steel enclosure. Certified for installation in Zone 2 or Div 2 environments, it includes zener barriers to provide intrinsically safe outputs for connection to the Torquetronic™ torquemeter.

   800 Series Brochure

813 19″ Rack Mounted Signal Processor
The 813 signal processor and industrial PC are packaged in a 19″ industry standard enclosure providing a direct replacement to the 613.

TorqTo™ the 800 configuration and measurement analysis software, is accessible via 7″ touch screen display and presents an intuitive HMI interface.Torsional vibration analysis is provided by the TorqTo™ software. FFT, Campbell, Waterfall Plot and Order Analysis are standard displays.

803 Remote 19″ Panel Display
The 803 provides the operator a control room mounted display via the 7″ touch screen. Operating TorqTo™ it communicates remotely with the field mounted 810 / 816 signal processor over Ethernet or RS485.


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