Our Torquetronic Continuous Duty Torque measurement system is the recognised industry standard for accurate power measurement of turbo machinery in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

Designed specifically for continuous duty operation the Torquetronic™ directly measures the absorbed power of equipment mechanically driven by gas or steam turbines.

First introduced in 1974 we have over 900 systems in Up stream, Mid stream and Down stream applications world wide delivering unrivalled reliability.

The Torquetronic™ system delivers repeatable and accurate torque measurement, better than 1%, while operating in the demanding environmental conditions of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, providing a continuous validation of the process and turbine performance.

Using phase shift technology the Torquetronic™ system avoids the need for rotating electronics used by strain gauge devices and eliminates the complex rotor dynamics that result when using intermeshed signal teeth.

The Torquetronic™ system can be integrated with gear, disc or diaphragm couplings from any preferred supplier, it is not limited to a single coupling style or manufacturer and is offered complete with all necessary coupling guards.

Continuous Duty Brochure

All Torquetronic™ systems are statically and dynamically calibrated and are traceable to International Standards and are supplied certified for use in Hazardous environments to ATEX and CSA/UL standards.

Torque and power measuring accuracy is better than 1% of the machine rating and importantly can be verified during operation.

The benefits of a Torquetronic™ continuous duty torque measurement system:

  • Global End User & OEM acceptability
  • 30 year proven reliability – no rotating electronics
  • Mechanical simplicity & Integrity – one piece spacer shaft
  • 1% accuracy of Full Scale Load
  • Independent and compatible with all coupling manufacturers
  • In service calibration and diagnostic capability
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas: ATEX / CSA approved
  • Unlimited speed and torque capability – 15,000 rpm – 80 MW
  • Complete engineered solution: Coupling, Torquemeter & coupling guard


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