Solutions for Aerospace Industry

The Aero industry continued demand for improved fuel & cost efficiency has resulted in significant technological development in fan and turbine components, geared turbo fan engines, transmission drive and electric power systems.

Working with leading Aerospace manufacturers and systems integrators Torquemeters Ltd has provided driveline solutions to assist in the design, development and test of these components and systems.

  • Compressor & Turbine
  • Turboshaft Engines
  • Helicopter gearbox
  • Aero engine ancillaries; Starter generators, fuel pumps, gears, seals etc

The foundation of our experience has been built on our Torquetronic™ test bed torquemeters and the need to provide driveline connection to the test article. Although we have standard products we pride ourselves on providing solutions.

Integrated driveline solutions for Turboshaft engine testing press release

Design considerations:

  • Centrifugal growth
    – Coupling hub fits
    – Bearing fits (non-catalogue)
    – Bearing internal clearances
  • Rotordynamics
    – Shaft rock and bounce modes (bearing dynamic radial stiffness)
    – Shaft bending critical modes
    – Shaft running envelopes (sub or super critical)
  • Torsional behaviour
    – Understanding of where torsional modes occur
    – Positioning of modes to provide suitable running envelopes for Unit-Under-Test
  • Losses
    – Windage effects
    – Bearing losses (rolling element)
    – Lubrication losses
  • Failure Mitigation
    – Guarding rotating components
    – Failure containment and torque limiting devices

Example of Turbo shaft engine solutions:

T700, T55, 56, T64, GE38
PT6*, PW200*, PW210*
RTM322, MTR390
Arriel, Makila

Typical extent of supply:

  • Torque meter: ET2145, ET3075
  • Engine coupling to replace cost of using flight coupling
  • Torque tube design & manufacture
  • Couplings to the dyno / fly wheel / gearbox.
  • Operation in climatic / altitude chambers

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